We have different rooms for cats, dogs, outdoor runs, and rescues. This ensures that each pet’s stress levels stay lower and we can tailor their experience to suit their needs!

even wash it for you if it becomes soiled. You can even have somebody stop by and visit them! Want us to give them an extra walk outside? No problem. We are here to make sure their stay with us is as comfortable as possible. Nervous about leaving your furry friend? Feel free to give us a call and schedule a time to view our boarding kennels!


Jane is our local groomer! She has fallen in love with Oklahoma and has decided to stay. She has been grooming for many years and has the experience to meet your needs. Over the years she has honed her craft and can now do it all!

In addition to being a groomer, she is also a licensed animal massage therapist. Massage therapy not only alleviates inflammation and pain in conditions such as arthritis or back pain, but it even works for anxiety! Massage therapy can reduce stress levels and help manage stress-related behavioral issues such as anxiety and separation concerns