Dental Chews We Recommend

Keeping up with National Pet Dental Month, today we are taking about Veggiedent dental chews! They are our absolute favorite, pet-approved dental chew that is clinically proven to reduce tartar and freshen breath.

What they do


These chews are medicated to help dissolve tartar on your dog’s teeth. That means they remove the smelly bacteria stuck to them too!


They also help to remove any remnants of your dog’s “adventurous” diet choices (ie cat litter). Their fresh scent replaces that old, nasty smell!


Veggiedents include lots of wonderful ingredients to maintain the help and happiness of your puppy pal. Not only it is very high in fiber for easy digestion, but they also have prebiotics in them (like doggy Activia) to maintain their gut health.

How do I know when/where to start?

Take this fun quiz below to get a good idea of where to start on your dog’s dental health!

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