February is National Pet Dental Month

Does your pet have bad breathe?

Bad breath is the most common symptom of dental disease! Bacteria sticks to the tartar in your pet’s teeth and makes that foul odor. Dental chews are great for this but only a dental cleaning can reach into ever nook and cranny to remove all the grossness.

Dental disease is unfortunately extremely common in our pets. 76% of dogs and 85% of cats have it. Advanced dental disease can cause:

  • Bad breathe
  • Gum inflammation/pain
  • Pain or difficulty eating
  • Tooth decay or loss

How do I know if my dog has dental disease?

Dental disease ranges from subtleto very obvious. Bad breath is most commonly the first sigh but there are others to watch out for too (see below).

Examples of dental disease:

Do these sound familiar? Think your pet may have dental disease? Stay tuned for tips, tricks, and more coming this month!

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