Now that we know what NOT to feed our dogs and HOW MUCH to feed them, let’s talk about what we CAN feed them! Dog treats at the store can be very tempting, but too many of them are full of artificial nonsense and extra fat that are not so great for your pup’s overall health. Fear not, because there are lots of foods that dogs can have right in your refrigerator!

Our favorite, carrots

Carrots are our favorite snack to give to dogs, especially if they are diabetic or on a diet! Carrots are chalk full of nutrients like fiber and the antioxidant beta-carotene. These are essential for digestions and keeping the body healthy. Worried they are too difficult to eat? Just defrost some frozen carrot slices and you are good to go!

Cooked pumpkin

Pumpkin is an all star food that dogs think is such a treat! Like carrots, it is also rich in beta-carotene but it also has fiber, potassium, and vitamin C. These are all great for digestion, the urinary tract, muscle function, and the immune system.

Note, use UNSEASONED pumpkin, otherwise your pooch will not be happy!


Bananas are also a great option! They are low in cholesterol and sodium, thus a really healthy option. They contain tons of fiber, potassium and loads of vitamins. Everything that aids digestion, muscles, and the immune system. Be aware that bananas do contain sugar so save these for our healthy patients in moderation.

sweet potatoes

Like pumpkin, sweet potatoes are a doggy favorite. High in beta-carotene, Vitamin B-6, and Vitamin C, sweet potatoes are an immune system and energy powerhouse.

Raw sweet potatoes are pretty tough so we recommend roasting them without seasoning.

There are lots of great healthy snacks for your dog and the best part is, they think they are just getting human food so they think it is a super yummy treat! We won’t tell them they’re healthy if you don’t!

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