The Holiday Season is full of laughter, joy, and love but we want to keep it that way! Here are some great tips to keeping your furry family members safe this season!

Deck the halls

Garland, Christmas trees, bells, and holly help to make the season bright! But some of them can be very dangerous for your pets. Here’s what to avoid!

There are several plants that help decorate the house but some of the most common are very poisonous to our furry friends! Pointsettias are extremely poisonous to pets, especially cats! We recommend keeping real pointsettias out of the house as cats commonly chew on houseplants.

May decorations can be an issue too. Glass ornaments and tinsel are among the most hazardous. Both tend to get stuck in intestines when played with or eaten AND cause extra problems as well. Glass does major damage to our digestive tract and tinsel tends to tie up cat’s intestines. Please keep them as far away as pets as possible!

Oh, bring us some figgy pudding

We would be remiss if we didn’t mention all the delectable treats that we all love! But our pets often love them too. Of course, chocolate is always dangerous for pets but baker’s chocolate, especially dark chocolate, is the WORST kind available! If your pet does ingest some, please call a vet ASAP as we will most likely have you bring them in or make them vomit. Now, typically once the material is expelled from the stomach they are okay but better safe than sorry!

Making bread is another favorite for the holidays. Unfortunately, dogs and cats don’t know to not eat it while it is rising and sitting on the counter. Bread dough contains lots of yeast, which causes the rising, but when it does that in the stomach it can be very dangerous!

Another big one is xylitol, fake sugar. Most “sugar-free” items have xylitol in them, which is extremely toxic! Children’s medicine, chewing gum, and artificial sweeteners can be very, very toxic to animals. Please keep these kinds of treats up in cupboards and safe!

The Holiday season is especially safe without vet emergencies so please keep these tips and tricks in mind when celebrating with the entire family!

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