Food we recommend

We get behind any of the big-name, commercially-made dog and cat food brands. Our favorites are Hill’s Science Diet, Purina, and Royal Canin. Why do we recommend them? They have gone through all of the scientific research and testing to be safe and completely nutritious. Complete nutrition means that your pet can eat only this food and have all of the nutrients they need to be happy and healthy. That’s great! They also have a variety of need-specific foods. Say you have an older cat with a sensitive stomach. They have a food for that. Big dog with joint disease? They have a food for that. With these products, we can tailor your pet’s nutrition to meet their specific needs and they say they taste great too!

Foods we recommend avoiding

We highly recommend avoiding boutique food brands, grain-free diets (except when your pet has tested positive for grain allergies), and raw diets. Boutique, or small business dog food, brands have not gone through USDA-regulated safety testing. They also are not monitored so they do not get recalled if something toxic gets in them. They could be great but there is no guarantee of safety.

Grain-free diets can often cause issues as well. If your pet has tested positive for grain allergies, please ignore this paragraph. Otherwise, grain-free foods often lack the essential nutrients your pet needs. There are dozens of studies showing that grain-free food leads to heart disease in our pets. Heart disease is often a life-or-death scenario so it is a very serious matter. Pets on grain-free diets require extra supplements to remain nutritionally healthy.

What about raw food? The answer is in another question; why do we cook OUR food? We can all agree we cook food to avoid bacteria and parasites, right? Then why would we then feed that same bacteria and parasites to our pets? We all love to think of our pets as little lions or wolves but to be honest, they aren’t. Domestic cats and dogs have undergone generations and generations of domestication. That means that they have evolved to be dependent on humans nutritionally and behaviorally. Their stomachs and intestinal tracts just cannot handle raw proteins the same way their wild cousins can. For these two reasons, and more, we highly recommend avoiding raw diets.

What is Hill’s to Home?

Hill’s to home is a fantastic program that allows you to shop online for pet food, ship it directly to your home, and support your local vet clinic. Best of all, it is priced competitively with even Chewy!


Hill’s creates science-based diets for your pets. The company emphasizes quality and employs people with a dietary background to propel its product development. Hill’s pet foods use high-quality ingredients, and the company performs daily safety checks on finished products to add an extra layer of protection.Consumer Affairs