Pit bulls have a very bad reputation in the general population but they are actually very great dogs with a little bit of training! October is Pit Bull Awareness Month.

Unfortunately, in the wrong hands, any animal can learn poor behavior. Some animals struggle with aggression towards people and/or animals naturally however, that is NOT usually the case! With proper socialization, most dogs are great around kids, people, and animals.

Pit bulls are traditionally one of the sweetest dog breeds!

Check out this list of the top 5 reasons pit bulls make great family dogs (with training of course!)

  1. They are so AFFECTIONATE! Be prepared for lots of cuddles and kisses!
  2. Pitties have BIG personalities: goofy, friendly, & fun!
  3. They LOVE to play and exercise! (And wear out the kiddos in the backyard)
  4. Pitbulls are easily trainable! They are usually food-motivated too!
  5. Pitties are some of the most loyal dogs you will ever meet!

Here are some heartwarming stories about pittie love

In the wrong hands, ANY animal can be a weapon but in the correct hands, they are your best friend for life.

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