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It is SO exciting to get a new puppy! Tail wags and kisses fill the days as you watch the addition to your family grow. However, there can be some anxiety that comes along too. Puppy vaccinations can be confusing, and even daunting, with all the possible combinations and appointments. Where do you go? What do you get? When do you get it? We are here to make things as stream-lined and owner-friendly as possible!

Where should I go to get my puppy vaccinated?

Of course, we would love it if you brought your pets here to be vaccinated! There are several other options too. You can legally buy your vaccinations yourself (rabies doesn’t legally count unless given by a licensed professional), go to the feed store to get your pet vaccinated, or use a low-cost vaccine clinic. The only downside is that you are missing the most important part of a vaccine appointment, the physical exam by a doctor! It is crucial that a doctor examine your puppy for any heart defects, genetic issues, and make sure that they are healthy and ready to grow. At our office, your puppy will also be dewormed during their visit to get rid of those pesky worms that most puppies have.

When should I get my puppy vaccinated?

We have made this handy chart to show you when you should get each vaccine. If you come here, we already know this protocol so you don’t have to think of a thing! This is the optimal vaccination schedule outlined by the American Association of Canine Practitioners. They are the top-of-the-line professionals that have done all the research for vaccine safety and effectiveness.

Does your puppy already have some vaccines? No worries! As long as they come from a medical-grade source, we will just start them on the next step in the process. Hopefully, we have answered any puppy vaccine questions you have. Please feel free to give us a shoutout if you liked this article and follow our blog for more tidbits and tips and tricks!

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