Want a preventative that covers fleas, ticks, & heartworms? Simparica Trio is the answer!!

Introducing, Simparica Trio! It prevents fleas, ticks, AND heartworms for your pet!

We recently saw a poll asking: Do you want your prevention in one all-inclusive treat or separate treats? Well their wonderful clients voted and a huge 82% of them answered that they would rather have all of their prevention in one single treat. We thought, hey, I bet our clients feel the same way! We have great news for you, Simparica Trio is now on the market! After years of waiting, we now offer a single chewy chunk that prevents fleas, ticks, AND heartworms. Dogs even say it tastes great!

Better yet, it is MUCH CHEAPER than buying preventative separate! Isn’t that great news! AND it is super effective! This great product definitely gets the stamps of vet, and dog, approval. 

Questions? Want to get started? Message us or give us a call at (918)664-8690 today!

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