We have a fully equipped surgical suite designed for the comfort and safety of your pet. We perform a wide array of surgery, ranging from the routine neuter to more advanced abdominal surgeries. Most surgeries even go home that same day! If they do need to stay the night, or longer, we clear it with you first.

In our surgical suite, your pet will never be left alone and will always be on an electronic monitoring system. This ensures they receive the best care for their needs and our staff stays up-to-date on your pets situation!

surgery & anesthesia

We also have laser surgical equipment, see right. It is very specialized equipment that uses laser technology instead of a scalpel. What does that mean for our patients and clients? Significantly less surgical pain and much faster recovery time!!


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Everyone who has had surgery knows that it is no fun having to skip breakfast that morning however, it is very important that your pet not eat after midnight the night before surgery. The risk of food regurgitation is extremely high during anesthesia. If this happens, food can enter the lungs and cause a very serious, often fatal, infection.

The best and easiest way to avoid this complication is, just like with people, for our pets to not eat the morning of surgery. This includes even small treats and anything they might get into like the cat’s food or table scraps. They can still drink water up until they come in for their appointment.

If they regularly take medications, it is best to discuss whether they should take it or not with our staff. Certain medications such as heart medications should definitely be taken however usually pain medications are not necessary as they will be receiving pain medication anyway.



We frequently have to house patients in-clinic for overnight stays or longer for continued medical treatments. We always clear this with you first, to ensure that all of us are on the same page. They have their own space all to themselves to stay nice and cozy! Any bedding or toys from home can come with them and stay in their kennel. Want to come see them if they stay a little while? Absolutely! Give us a call and we can schedule a visit so you can keep an eye on your furry friend!

We DO have staff that walks, waters, and feeds our patients on weekends as well as apply any medical treatment they need.