We love our patients and our clients, but we are not always open. Luckily, Tulsa has its first dedicated veterinary Urgent Care, STATVet!! URGENT CARE VS PRIMARY CARE The big question is, when should you see us, your primary care veterinary vs seeking out urgent care for your furry kiddos? We’ve broken it down (see … Continue reading TULSA’S NEW URGENT CARE


April is Heartworm Prevention Month! But how do you know if your dog needs it? We have found a handy flowchart to help with your decision! The short answer is YES!! EVERY SINGLE DOG NEEDS HW PREVENTION! But what if my dog is an indoor-only dog? This is a reasonable question! However, if we really … Continue reading DOES MY DOG NEED HEARTWORM PREVENTION?

Local outbreak of dog disease

Local alert: we have an outbreak of canine distemper in tulsa, Ok What is it? Canine distemper is a highly contagious viral disease that can also be carried by ferrets, skunks, and raccoons. It is a virus, so there is no direct treatment widely available to dogs, so prevention is the key to this potentially-deadly … Continue reading Local outbreak of dog disease