What is TruPanion for?

Trupanion is an affordable, easy solution to safeguarding your pet and family against accidents, illnesses, and injuries. They cover 90% of everything from oopsies to emergencies. They even cover simple illnesses like allergies and arthritis! Think it sounds too good to be true? See below for how policy holders feel about it.

All pets get the same high quality plan with our insurance. We only have 1 plan which makes it easier on you and us!

The days of reimbursement are gone! We pay your vet directly and within minutes of your approved claim!

We have absolutely no payout limits. That’s right! Whether your claim is $50 or $5000, we pay our 90%.

Let’s hear some feedback!

Trupanion was a lifesaver. When both my dogs had some serious medical issues at the same time, I had over $10,000 in vet bills – Trupanion paid most of it. I was able to take care of them without worrying about running up the credit card. Their site is easy to use, and the customer service is excellent if you have a question or problem. Claims are paid quickly. Whenever a friend gets a new furbaby – I recommend them signing up right away. Pre-existing conditions aren’t covered, so sign up before you have any!

When my dog needed medical care in several instances, they paid the claim without argument or procrastinating. Pet health insurance is priceless as far as I’m concerned. I don’t want to be in a position where I have to choose between my dog’s life and money. I tried the reimbursable pet insurances and had really bad service.

You guys have given me nothing but piece of mind let alone ease on my wallet and I truly appreciate it. I can’t say enough good things about your company. Simon has had the best care ever from TruPanion over the last 10 years so here’s to many more.