It is that time of year, frost nipping at your nose and scarves aplenty. But what about our furry friends? We continue to take our dogs, and some cats, on walks but often don’t consider how the weather is affecting them. We have some great tips and tricks to keep your wintery walks safe for your doggo!

Keep you warm and cozy

This may seem like a strange place to start, but if you aren’t warm then walks tend to be cranky and extra short, if they happen at all! By making sure you are appropriately outfitted, you are Fido can enjoy your daily walks in peace.

dogs need jackets too

We may love taking cute pictures of puppies in winter coats or dogs in little boots, but this is a serious issue. Your mostly-indoor dog is just as NOT acclimated to winter weather as you are. This is especially important in smaller breeds, puppies, and senior dogs. All three of these groups have serious trouble keeping their body temperature up in the wintertime.

This includes senior large breed dogs!! We all know that our grandparents tend to wear sweaters and blankets. That is because they have the same issues keeping warm as our senior dogs do. Unless your dog is a husky or great pyrenees, chances are they get too cold too.

protect those paws

Dogs are barefoot all the time, including outside when it is cold out. If I wouldn’t want to walk barefoot in freezing weather, you can bet my dog wouldn’t either! It is especially bad in dogs with arthritis! The cold makes arthritis pain and stiffness worse, so lets protect those paws!

Another important pro tip, when they start salting roads, it is time to start washing paws. Salt melts are often toxic and you do NOT want your dog to lick it off their paws!

take home point: bundle up your pooch and remember to have fun!

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